Saturday, November 6, 2010

Small Dogs Need A Little Warmth

I am the owner of 4 small breed dogs, Mini Dachshunds and a Mini Chihuahua.
Or should I say, They own me.
Most cat owners say their cats own them, well this house is definitely owned by the dogs !
Sometimes I think they have more space than I do. I know they have more space on the bed than I do, I fight for covers all night long!
My little dogs love to cuddle up under blankets and that is what gave me the idea to make these warm comfy blanket bags for them.
They are great around the house and car.  We take a 1500 mile trip every year to visit family and my dogs were much calmer this last trip all curled up in their own little bags.

I made a few up for others
You can purchase them at Copper Llama Studio at Etsy
I have them in extra small and small.
Each is Hand Knit
Extra small is perfect for young small breeds and mini's
Small is great for dogs under 19 inches long

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