Friday, July 23, 2010

Wood Buttons

Wood buttons are a great alternative to plastic ones.  Wood is safe and can be used on Childrens clothing and toys without the worry of Lead,  Polyvinyl Chloride and other contaminants foreign countries are poisoning our children with.  Constant recalls on Childrens projects that originate in China goes on just about everyday. 
The Consumer Product Safety Commission  has approved the use of wood on Childrens clothing and toys and rules it is safe.

Keep our Children Safe, use Wood alternatives !

Yooper Up Studio at Etsy and  Yooper Up at Artfire 
have several sets of Natural Wood Buttons available. Some are sealed with a clear coat of "AP Non-toxic" sealer which is safe for all Childrens items according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Wood Buttons look great on knitted and crochet sweaters, neck cuffs and to accent a hat
Before you purchase your next plastic button do some research on the dangers of these imported notions

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Woodworking with Grandpa

Our 10 year old enjoyed building his first woodworking project with Grandpa
Grandpa has a wood shop (in the house!!!!!!!) and Jordan is always asking to use the tools.  He is in 4 H and picked a woodworking project this year.  They finally got the chance to spend the day working in the "Shop".
I think he did GREAT !!!! Looks Great !!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Our 6 year old Entrepreneur

I am amazed everytime, don't know why, but I am, at how much our children over hear when adults are having a conversation.  As a family we have been discussing the idea of opening a new business for the last month in this economic slump of a time and our 6 year old grand daughter has been in the back ground during our conversations and has picked up a few of her own ideas and has started her own business plan. 
She was caught writing a list on the wall and when asked what she was doing, replied "I'm writing things down for when I open my zoo when I grow up"

Her mom later emailed me with an update to my grand daughters great business plan:
"I did not realize that she has a whole portfolio.  I kid you not.  She
put a lot of work into her plan.  She has the master map of each area,
and then she has little papers for each area on what will be included.
You should see it!  I attached a couple of pictures.  The first one
is her holding her portfolio, the second one shows a picture of the
inside (each of the papers you see is a category of animals), then
there is the front cover of the main map, the inside of the main map,
the outside cover of the "dog" section, the inside of the dog section
which includes a wolf/dog, a wolf, and a fox."

I hope all her dreams come true and that she continues to build her portfolio.  Maybe she will be the youngest zoo owner this world has ever had !

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It's time to say goodbye to the puppies

Our Mini Doxie girls are now going on 7 weeks old.  Since they are eating and drinking on their own, the vet said they can find new forever homes.  They have grown so fast.  They will be getting their 2nd puppy shot on Sunday and will be ready for new homes.

Monday, July 5, 2010

So Busy !!

I can't believe how fast June sailed by and now it is already July 5th !!!!
We have spent some time in the wood shop, but not as much as I had hoped.
Just a couple of new items listed at

New Lucets
New Natural Cedar Closet / Linen deodorizer
Cute little animals to hand in your closet or linen cabinet to help eliminate odors and reduce certain bugs.
Available now:
Black Bear

More coming soon