Sunday, February 20, 2011

Glass Carving / Etching with my Dremel

One Recycled beer bottle
One Dremel
One Diamond Tip Bit
One hour later
My first attempt at carving/etching recycled glass 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hand Spun Wool Shawl

One of my passions is spinning fiber and than creating something wonderful out of the resulting yarn.  This shawl is one of my favorites.  I used the wool of one of my favorite lambs who has no passed away.  His fleece was always one of our finest and one I truly loved spending time spinning it up.

With this shawl I used a very Victorian looking crochet stitch and truly love how graceful it is.  I kept the wool in its natural color which is a soft off white so that it can be worn with anything.
Shawls make a great cozy wrap for cool winter nights at home or out on the town.
This shawl can be purchased at Lil Acres Farm on Etsy