Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Canning Jar Crochet Hook Holder

Canning Jar Crochet Hook Holder

Need a quick project?
   I used a Amber mason jar, metallic thread and a quick and easy crochet coaster pattern.

 I know it's not a "new" idea to use a doily over a jar for potpourri, but what about showing off your crochet hooks ! Use a taller jar to store knitting needles. This pic doesn't show the shimmer of the metallic thread which adds to the shine of the glass when the light hits it.

I used YarnArt Camellia metallic thread, which is a size 30 thread, holding two strands together and a Size F hook. You can use size 10 crochet thread, but, don't double it up 

ch - chain
dc- double crochet
sl st - slip stitch
hdc - half double crochet
tr - treble/triple crochet
beg - beginning 

Gauge - Rnd 1 and 2 = 1 1/2 inches 

Fits Wide Mouth Jars, for regular mouth jars skip Rnd 8

Rnd 1 -Ch 4 (counts as 1st dc plus center ch), dc 15 more times in 4th ch from hook. Sl st into top of beg ch 3. Finish every row this way.  (16 dc's)
Rnd 2 - Ch 4 (counts as 1st dc, ch 1), dc, ch 1 in ea dc around. (16 dc, ch 1)
Rnd 3 - Ch 5 (counts as 1st dc, ch 2), dc, ch 2 in ea dc around. (16 dc, ch 2)
Rnd 4 - Ch 6 (counts as 1st dc, ch 3), dc, ch 3 in ea dc around. (16 dc, ch 3)
Rnd 5 -Ch 4 (counts as 1st dc, ch 1), *dc in ch 3 sp, ch 1, dc, ch 1 in next dc * repeat around. (32 dc, ch 1)
Rnd 6-8 - Ch 4 (counts as 1st dc, ch 1), dc, ch 1 in ea dc. It will start to bend over at this point since your not adding any stitches to the rounds. (32 dc, ch 1)
Rnd 9 - Sl st into first ch 1 space. Ch 3 (counts as 1st dc), 4 more dc's in same space. *Sc in next ch 1 space, 5 dc's in next ch 1 space *. Repeat around and end by making a sl st into the top of the beg ch's and knot off.
Weave in loose ends. Tighten up center if needed.

Place the doily over the top of the jar and place a rubber band around it and under the threads. Adjust to center it and screw on the lid. Remove rubber band.

They also work great for your pens and pencils and knitting needles

 All patterns are copyright protected and cannot be sold, transmitted, distributed or reproduced in any form or by any means. However, you are welcome to donate, gift as well as sell any of your finished items (if you are an individual)


Donna said...

Very nice idea. Did you paint the jar and if so on the outside or inside?

Jaime said...

No, these are amber colored. I picked them up at Walmart.

Nanettesplace said...

What size mason jar did you use?