Saturday, October 2, 2010

Painted Folk Art Lucet Looms

Wood Lucet Fork
Lucet Weaver with Instructions
4 3/4 inch tall x 3 1/4 wide
Perfect size for multiply strands of bulky yarn

Make friendship bracelets, skinny scarves, shoe strings and necklaces, just to list a few.
Lucet cord can be used for decorative edging, draw-strings, lacing, and any other use where a strong cord is needed.
You can also braid very loose with bulky yarns and make wonderful scarves and belts.
Lucet is a method of cordmaking or braiding which is believed to date back to the Viking and Medieval periods, when it was used to hang useful items from the belt.

Lucet cord is square, strong, and slightly springy. It closely resembles knitted I-cord or the cord produced on a knitting spool. Lucet cord is formed by a series of loops, and will therefore unravel if cut.


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