Friday, June 17, 2016

Free Crochet Flower Headband Pattern

Any 2 colors of Sugar'n Cream 100% cotton or Red Heart Super Saver Yarn
Size G crochet hook
Tapestry Needle

Copyright 2012 Jaime Payne Copper Llama Studio

Make 5 Flowers for Childs size or 6 Flowers for Adult.


Ch 2
Row 1 – With color A (blue), 8 sc's in 2nd ch from hook. Sl st into beg sc. Cut Yarn.
Row 2 – Attach color B (white). Ch 1, Sc in same st. *Ch 2, sc in next *. Repeat around. Sl st into 1 st ch 1. (8 Ch 2 spaces).
Row 3 – Sl st into 1st ch 1 loop, ch 1, *1 sc, 3 dc's (shell), 1 sc in ch 2 loop*. Repeat around, sl st into 1st sc.
Cut yarn off leaving about 5 inches to sew flowers together, sl st closed.

Sew together row of flowers as pictured above. 

Attach end ties

Attach yarn to 3rd dc of bottom shell on last flower. Sl st into 3rd dc of next shell. Ch 1, turn.

Place 5 sc's in ch 5 loop, then sl st into where you attached yarn. Ch 1, turn.

Sl st to 3rd sc and ch about 11 inches. Cut yarn and sl st closed. 

 With tapestry needle, weave in all loose ends.

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