Sunday, November 4, 2012

Make your Holiday Gifts with Yarn Made in the USA

 I want to make my gifts this Holiday Season that are really

 "Made in the USA"

I have always enjoyed hand making Holiday Gifts and since I also design Knit and Crochet Patterns, I began a search for Yarns that are Made in the USA.

I am not affilated with any of these companies, I just wanted a list of yarns to purchase this year that are Made in the USA and so I can keep my money in AMERICA this Holiday Season.

Please think about making your Holidays a "Made in the USA" goal.  The more products we purchase that are really "Made in the USA" provide more jobs for all of us and keep your hard earned money in America.

Easy to Find Yarns that are budget friendly too:

Red Heart Yarns

 "Did you know Super Saver and many of your favorite Red Heart yarns areMade in USA made in the USA at our own mills in Albany, and Douglas, GA? Our mills are equipped with state of the art technology, are environmentally friendly and staffed with well trained, experienced and dedicated employees. "   

Lion Brand Yarns

About Yarn: Which of your yarns are made in the USA?

"Some of our most popular yarns are made in the US. Yarns made in America include the following:"

Don't forget about all the wonderful Spinners in America that spin great yarns from fiber animals that are raised in the USA.
There are several great shops online that produce wonderful hand spun yarns from all kinds of fibers, not just wool.  Alpaca, Llama, Cashmere and more are available right here in the USA.
Check to see if there is a fiber mill in your area, they usually always have a great selection of yarns. Also, check out weaving, knitting and crochet clubs for available yarns in your area.

Do you have a favorite yarn that is "Made in the USA" ?
Please comment below with your picks.


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