Sunday, January 2, 2011

I received my First Gardening Catalog of the Year !

I received my First Gardening Catalog of the Year !
It's that time again.  Time to dream of warmer weather and planning this years garden.
Every year I love to add a new veggie I would not usually grow. 

I think this year I will try Artichokes, they don't usually do very well in my area, but I'm going to give them a try anyway.
I have loved gardening since I was a child.  My parents always had a small veggie and flower garden and I have continued that with my children and grand kids.
I have 10 acres to plant whatever I want.  Not really, 7 of it is alfalfa / grass mix for livestock, 2 of it is the house, holding pens, sheds and a barn, leaving me with about 1 acre for flowers, trees and veggies.
The last few years I have only used 4 raised beds for veggies and spread perennial flowers, bushes and shrubs everywhere else.
I'm no expert in gardening, although I have been doing it for years, I've read several good books throughout the years, but I guess my mind just doesn't want to retain all that information.  I have to go back to my books every year to help me decide how to lay out my raised beds for the season. I love watching everything grow.
I am a big fan of Square Foot Gardening, they have a great book available and lots of information on their website.  I have had a lot of success following their guidelines for raised bed design and planting.
Well, time to dream away in my gardening catalog!

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fiberpure said...

I can't wait to get my garden going again.