Friday, February 19, 2010

She's beginning to push my buttons!!

It's still too cold and the bigger guys pick on her, so she is still a house baby. She is learning "Cocoa NO !"   But not quick enough for me. She really thinks she is one of the dogs. What to do with Cocoa?
She woke Magnum up from his nap, he's not a happy puppy. 
We haven't had a bottle baby in such a long time, I forgot how much work they are (and FUN).


Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Thanks to CSN Stores I was able to pick a product from one of the 200 + shops to review. This was a very hard choice, there are just tons of great items I would love to do reviews on several of them, but I only got to pick one. I picked the 
Euro Pro Shark Electric Steam Mop - S3101 SKU #: SAK1002

  • Safe and powerful tool for effectively cleaning all hard floor surfaces
  • Includes 2 FREE machine washable micro fiber pads
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design
  • Ready to go in just 30 seconds
  • Powerful steam cleaning system eliminates rinsing, wringing, redistribution of dirt on floors, and carrying heavy buckets of water
  • Leaves floor surfaces virtually dry, with no chemicals left behind
  • Steam is released by the simple push-forward motion of mopping
  • Triple-action micro-fiber pad helps to loosen, lift, and absorb dirt with no need for refills or toxic messy chemicals
  • Ergonomic handle for comfortable use
  • Stands upright
  • Refillable at any time
  • Environmentally friendly - no chemicals!
  • 20-foot power cord
  • 1500 Watts of power
  • Dimensions: 11.8" L x 6.9" W x 46.9" H

  I've wanted to try one of these as soon as I saw them advertised some time ago, so I was really excited for this opportunity from CSN Stores.
  I put it all together as soon as it arrived and plugged it in.  I started in my kitchen, which has a newer linoleum floor and It did GREAT ! Lots of hot steam. I had cleaned the kitchen floor earlier in the day so I was quite surprised with the amount of dirt on the Shark mop pad when I finished. I won't show pictures, too embarrassing.  I really thought my floor was fairly clean since I had just swept and mopped it! The floor felt really clean, no sticky residue.
  I put on the 2nd mop pad and did the living room floor, which is oak laminate, with the same results. There was some streaking, but I think that is because of the years of built up cleaners I have used in the past to clean the floor.  The amount of dirt that was on the mop pad was unbelievable.  I guess I shouldn't be too surprised at the amount of dirt on my floors, I live on a very rural, but busy, dirt road and I  have the kids, 4 dogs, 4 cats, 2 birds and  a baby goat that go in and out all day. I usually sweep and mop at least twice a day to keep up with it all. 
  The mop pads are easy to hand wash and you can throw them in the washer. I hung them up over night to dry and redid my kitchen floor this morning, I was so happy to see less dirt this time! Not that it didn't clean as well, it's was just that there wasn't as much old build up of dirt like there was yesterday.t
  I am very pleased with the Euro Pro Shark Electric Steam Mop and would recommend it to others.
The only cons I see are:
1. Price, too much for what it is.  On sale it is $74.95 with free shipping.  The sale price is great, but I still feel it's a little too high for the quality of the construction.
2. The handle seems a little weak and I wonder just how much use I will get out of it before it breaks.  When you mop you push down on the handle and push forward to release the steam.  When the pad it too wet it is harder to push forward and puts strain on the weak handle. 
3. I wish the cord was longer.
4. I wish it had a scrub bar for the really stuck on stuff
5. I wish it came with more pads !!! I need about 5 or 6 to do the whole house in one day.  You can purchase more pads separately.
The Cons I listed are specific to my own likes, you may not agree.

Shipping was very quick, I received it within 3 business days from the time I placed my order and UPS delivered it to my door. I love front door delivery!

I was provided a product in exchange for my review. I was not paid in any other way for this review. This is my own opinion and you may not agree.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The goat thinks she is a dog !

Friday, February 5, 2010

Upcoming CSN Product Review

I'm so excited ! CSN Stores have provided me with an opportunity to do a review on one of their fabulous products.
 CSN Stores make home shopping easy with speedy delivery right to your own mail boxes! You can even have one of their great mail boxes shipped to your mail box ! !
I live in a very rural area that only has one "big box" store within 21 miles.  Shopping at home has become a lifesaver and time saver and I don't know what I do without it.

If you haven't heard of CSN Stores before, your in for a big surprise. CSN Stores LLC is a fast-growing, privately-held company offering customers the best online shopping available for home and office goods. A $200 million company, CSN is made up of more than 200 online niche shops offering a huge selection of products.


To even a new couch at, with free home delivery and set up!

CSN Stores has it all ! Check it out.

I will be posting a review on a product after a 2 week test and trail period, keep a look out.