Friday, February 4, 2011

C60 Bamboo Fruit and Veggie Saver

 C60 Bamboo

Fruit and Veggie Produce Saver 2-pack Featuring Bamboo Charcoal


 The US Department of Agriculture estimates that every year consumers throw away more than 18 BILLION pounds of fresh produce that has become overripe at home! That's more than 150 pounds of fruits and vegetables thrown away on average by every household in America each year! In addition to the huge amount of waste going into landfills, that's also an enormous waste of people's money. The Fruit and Veggie Saver can help you save money by extending the useful life and freshness of your fruits and vegetables. In independent time-lapse photography testing, the Fruit and Veggie Saver kept produce fresh and ready to eat up to 80 percent longer than conventional storage methods! Using easily renewable and eco-friendly bamboo charcoal, the Fruit and Veggie Saver controls levels of ethylene gas, a growth hormone all plants release as they ripen. By reducing ethylene gas concentrations, produce stays fresh and ready to eat longer, reducing waste and saving you money! The Fruit and Veggie Saver comes as a 2-pack, one for use in the refrigerator produce bin, and the other for use out on the counter in a fruit bowl. The Fruit and Veggie Saver works for at least 6 months and can be completely recycled at the end of its life. The bamboo charcoal will also remove odors and other impurities to keep your refrigerator clean-smelling and fresh, and your food better tasting and wholesome. Stop wasting money and keep your produce fresh and ready to eat for longer with the Fruit and Veggie Saver!

*above information is from the C60 Bamboo Website


The C60 Bamboo Fruit and Veggie Saver is so easy to use and the amount of money it will save me makes choosing the C60 Bamboo Fruit and Veggie Saver a must have.  
After reading the information about the Fruit and Veggie saver I had to agree with the statistics, I have had to throw out so much because of how fast some veggies and fruits spoil.. The cost of fruits and veggies are so high and every time I have to throw something out I'm throwing away money and money doesn't come into this house in abundance.  
There have been many times I have not purchased fresh fruit because of the cost and the thought of if we will be able to consume it before it goes bad.  I always have plans for the fruit and veggies I purchase, but busy lives don't always fall into my plan.  Fruit sits on the counter too long, a forgotten onion gets shoved to the back of the fridge and so on.  Money out the door. 
I am not going to have that problem any longer and my fridge has become a safe place to store veggies for a longer time, the C60 Bamboo Fruit and Veggie Saver is available in a 2 pack, one for the fridge and one for your bowl of fruit on the counter and best of all, it last at least 6 months.  

Disclosure:  I was provided with a complimentary sample of this product to do a review.  My opinions are always my own, your experience or opinion may be different. Please see my full Disclosure Policy at the bottom of my blog. If I didn't like it, I would tell you!

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